Since 2009, www.raisingcanes.com/survey has likewise been going through an extraordinary growth spurt. A total of 21 states outside of central and southern Louisiana have seen the opening of new restaurants, while the firm itself has spread to all eight of Louisiana’s major metropolitan regions.

  • Questions – In your opinion, what is a reasonable monthly objective for the number of survey responses?

Answer – There is a limit of two surveys each month that each participant may take part in.

  • Questions – How long has the trend of cane-raising been going strong?

Answer – Raising Cane’s was originally opened for business in 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after years of laborious effort put in by a single individual by the name of Todd Graves.

  • Questions – Is It Possible to Find Anywhere in Florida Where Cane Is Grown?

Answer – In February of 2022, the first Raising Cane restaurant opened its doors in the state of Florida.

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